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Welcome to my new website, built using WordPress—which finally takes the tedium out of hand-coding a website. If I can make a WordPress site, anyone can. I recommend it to anyone wanting a website.

I’m a seasoned graphic designer working as a production designer and art director experienced in corporate identities, branding, marketing collateral, websites and online advertising. Here is a little montage of work I did at McCann.


I’m lucky to have worked at McCann Advertising and the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Committee, both of these employers have international clients and gave me invaluable learning opportunities. I’ve designed license plates, billboards, manhole covers, Tyvex® maps, security cards, all kinds of print and web collateral.

Lately I’ve been doing HDR photography, using Canon 6D with my fav lens, the 2.8L 16-32. I love to blend the frames until I get a balanced look, usually hot and a tad sharp.

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